My Mini Food Processor: A Love Story

My Mini Food Processor: A Love Story

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There was a time in my weeknight cooking life when, if I came across the phrase “In your food processor…” in a recipe, I would automatically turn the page. Who in his or her right mind would want to lug a small appliance out of the upper cabinets when they were on the clock for feeding hungry kids? And who wanted to bother with cleaning all those extra clunky parts after dinner?

Well, times have changed. Not only does it no longer offend me, but this week I decided to award the appliance with the ultimate honor: A permanent spot on the counter. I now use the thing almost every day.

Why the turnaround? Well, for starters, I am talking exclusively about a Mini-Prep Food Processor (as opposed to the more standard Buick-sized one). Also, having older kids who don’t short-circuit when they’re hungry has, in… Read More

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